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Our key feature is the wallet. We want it to be easy-to use accross numerous platforms, Metamask-compatible (you can use the same seed you use with your Metamask account) and multipurpose : our vision is that the wallet will regroup all the services a token owner would want ! For now, it is available on Chrome and Android.


Redvolution Token (REDV)

The Redvolution token is the fuel that powers the whole ecosystem. It is ERC20-compliant so that it can be easily tradable on decentralized exchanges.

100% Complete
Name Redvolution
100% Complete
Ticker REDV
100% Complete
Total Supply 21,000,000


The Red Army

Our community, called the Red Army, is ever growing and highly dedicated to our project. Since we always ask the community to make important decisions, the Redvolution is a community-driven project. A Redvolution cannot be made alone, it requires a whole army !

Fast transactions

Our wallet is powered by Ethereum with an average transaction time of only 24 seconds !

Token storage

Our wallet can keep your REDV and ETH as well as all the other ERC20 tokens : OMG, QTUM, ICX...

P2P Messaging

You can either attach a message when you transfer REDV or send messages alone directly to other Ethereum addresses via our wallet.


The future is here

New exchanges

It is our top priority. New exchanges are the best way for a project to get notoriety : even if it is great, it can lack visibility and a tradable token can improve it. It also allows developers to get enough funds for running the project.

20% Complete
In progress 20%

Wallet 1.0

The wallet will be at the heart of the whole project. Easy token storage, P2P messaging, HD wallet will be the first features of this verion. It will be available as a Chrome extension and as an Android application.

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Completed 100%


Users will be able to create/buy channels (#general, #REDV etc...). Only the owner of a channel will be able to post in it. The users following this feed will see these messages, like a decentralized Telegram in our wallet.

30% Complete
In progress 30%

Community growth

Raising awareness in the cryptoworld about our project is also really important for us. Community growth can be done through social media, advertising and also by each member of the community.

30% Complete
In progress 30%

Wallet 2.0

Our wallet will continue to evolve : more platforms (iOS/Windows/Linux...), automatic token detection, Web3js provider, market overview and more. Help us to build it by joining the Red Army.

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In progress 0%

Project E

This secret project will also be fully implemented through the wallet and will probably change the way you use it. But we don't want to say more about it as it is one of our best assets

5% Complete
In progress 5%


No bla-bla, only the important questions

What we do

Our whitepaper is only made up of questions. We think that, by highlighting the important questions, it will encourage people to read it entirely and truly know what our project is about before investing in it.

Redvolution's main goal is to create an innovative and multiplatform "wallet" for the different ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. It will implement different communication features such as P2P public messaging, channels and some other projects which will remain undisclosed for now.
This token has three uses : first, it is the fuel that can be used for our wallet (examples : a small amount of REDV must be sent with each message in order to avoid spam, buying/selling channels). Second, this token can be traded on the different marketplaces and, thus, allows the developing team to get funds in order to run this project (we didn't raise funds through an ICO and airdropped the tokens). Finally, there is such a hype around tokens and cryptocurrencies lately : issuing a token raises awareness about the project that is behind.
An easy-to-use and secured wallet allows you to have both an easy control of your funds and a secured storage (instead of leaving them on a centralized exchange). Since people like to have everything in one place, we will implement as much features as we can in our dedicated wallet.
The first version of the wallet will be quite simple with a few innovations including attaching a message with your transfers of REDV. In the future, we will try to implement other features such as private P2P messaging, channels (see Roadmap), automatic token detection and other functions.
When you transfer a given amount of REDV to another address, you can attach a message with it. In order to attach a message, the amount your are transferring must be greater than a defined amount of tokens. This amount will entirely go to the receiver, there are no fees ! We will change that amount with the evolution of the token's price on the markets in order for the price of sending a message to remain stable.
There are several uses : if you want to send a message to another Ethereum-based address and you don't know its owner, if you want to attach a message with a transaction of REDV for a gift or if you want some address to authenticate with a message. It could be used for advertising. You would read the advertising message and get the minimum amount of REDV in return that is necessary for the sender to transfer in order to attach a message with a transaction. These messages are public for the moment. P2P private messaging is not yet implemented.
As you can see in our REDV contract source code, there is a feature called channels. People will be able to create a channel with a key word (#REDV, #whoknows, #pump...) for a fixed amount of REDV that will be burned when the channel is created. Then the owner of this freshly created channel will be able to either post messages in it for free or to sell it. The other users will be able to follow the feed of this channel through our wallet. It will be like a decentralized Telegram on the Ethereum blockchain.

What you can do

Here are some other questions you may ask but that don't belong in a whitepaper. If you want to invest, you should also read these ones.

You can invest in this project by buying tokens on the different exchanges that allow its trading. Check on the Exchanges section.
Our token is deflationist : there is a fixed 21,000,000 REDV in total. But some transfers may go to a wrong address resulting in a loss of these tokens. Hence the total amount of tokens can only decrease. Furthermore, with the implementation of the channels, tokens used for creating channels will be burned...
We don't know anything about that sorry ! Only the market can decide if the price will go up or not. We cannot guarantee anything such as high profit. You are the only owner of your funds and each investment is a risk to take. However, we think that Redvolution has a great potential to go up !
It is easy to help us : you can invest in our token by buying some, you can follow us on our social media or give your ideas and recommendations about this project. Join the Red Army, be ready for the Redvolution !


Forkdelta is a leading decentralized exchange for ERC20 tokens. Since REDV is ERC20-compliant, it is easy to trade it even without any official listing.

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Stocks.exchange is a very new and professional exchange, bound to grow in the next years. It is faster than Etherdelta but centralized.

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FatBTC is a centralized exchange with only a few coins listed and yet, we are on it ! This exchange is bound to grow in the future and Redvolution with it...

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More to come...

We are planning to get listed on more exchanges in the future. Advise us on our social media and channels for the ones you would want to see here !